Nita Ike Dwi Kurniasih, Sulistyaningsih, Indriani


Optimal utilization of ANC services is associated with mortality and morbidity reduction for mothers and newborns. The majority of women delay until the second trimester to make antenatal visits according to WHO recommendations and only 75% of pregnant women do at least 4 pregnancy check-ups at health services including Indonesia which only reached 83.5%. The aim of this study was to identify efforts that can improve the utilization of ANC services in pregnant women and influencing factors of utilization of ANC services in pregnant women. Systematic Literature Review used 3 databases source namely PubMed, ScienceDirect and Proquest. The total number of reviews was 14 lliteratures from 1382. Selected articles were from the year of 2009- 2018, quantitative study, and using population of women of reproductive age. Among 14 articles review, it was found on 7 articles explaining efforts to improve utilization of ANC in pregnant women by laboratory testing, service provider compliance with ANC guidelines, counseling and health education, ongoing care, good interpersonal relationships, availability of health facilities and socio-economic and demographic support. 11 articles presented factors that influence the utilization of ANC services in pregnant women, namely education, mothers living in the core family, distance to health facilities, parity, media exposure, quality and ANC service providers, ANC visits, autonomy, age, health status and costs. The highest effort influencing the increase of ANC utilization was compliance with service providers against guidelines for ANC visits. Among 11 factors that influence ANC service utilization was a service user education.

Keywords: Effort, Utilization, antenatal

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