Linda Yulyani, Herlin Fitriani Kurniati, Anjarwati


Early marriage is a form of violence and violation of children's rights. It occurs due to many factors.Brides of early marriage also have a greater variety of bad risks related to health. This study aims to identify how the social, cultural and religious aspects influence the occurrence of early marriage. The relevant studies were searched systematically using 4 databases (PubMed, Ebscohost, ProQuest, and Science Direct), according to keywords that have been predetermined. Searches were restricted to the articles from 2008-2018. Articles were selected based on PRISMA guidelines. Then the researchers conducted critical appraisal. It was found 9 articles in the form of qualitative studies that meet the inclusion criteria and had good quality of article. The findings and analysis revealed that readiness to get married was often assessed based on signs of physical change and puberty that occur in adolescents by the social environment including family members. Therefore, there was not enough power for teenagers to make decisions. The influence of culture and perceptions of early marriage made women unaware of the dangers or effects of early marriage, which caused this practice keep going on. Meanwhile, religion or belief was often a factor that triggers or reinforces the making of early marriage decisions. Based on the results of this systematic literature review, it is found that social, cultural and spiritual aspects play important roles in influencing early marriage decisions.

Keywords: early marriage, PRISMA, bad risks

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