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Sexual violence is a series of unwanted sexual action including unwanted sexual drive, command to have sexual activity, verbal or non verbal sexual behavior. The impact caused by sexual violence are unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted infection and HIV, the usage of drugs, mental health problem, self hurting up to suicide. The aim of Systematic Literature Review was to find out the impact of sexual violence and to identify high risk group. This Systematic Literature Review use Pub Med and Science Direct database within the time range of 2008-2018. This Systematic Literature Review is adjusted to the Systematic Literature Review with 8 steps. Female adolescence has higher risk in experiencing sexual violence compare to male adolescence and it occurred in educational environment in a form of physical and physiological violence. The experience of sexual violence in adolescence affected reproductive health, mental problem, and drugs usage, self hurting, and sleep disorder. Sexual violence is a crucial problem in which the victims are increasing as time pass by. Which cause various problems both physical and psychological problems as well as sexual and reproductive problems. The victims were mostly children or adolescence, in which at this age the problem arises can be affected for life time because adolescence cannot organize by themselves due to sexual violence.

Keywords: Sexual Violence, Female, Adolescence

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