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Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is one of the complications during pregnancy and characterized by glucose intolerance. GDM has an increased risk of preeclampsia, SC labor and can result in type 2 diabetes mellitus within 10 years after pregnancy. Self-management behavior in GDM women can involve a number of obstacles. The aim of this study was to determine the self-management behavior of women with GDM, to understand the barriers of women with GDM in self-management and to analyze the needs of women with GDM. This Systematic Literature Review used the PubMed database with a period of 2008-2018. Of the 586 initial articles identified, this study analyzed 7 articles that met the inclusion criteria. Acceptance of a diagnosis of GDM is considered difficult because sadness, shock, stress and feeling guilty. One way to react was to learn new strategies for a healthier lifestyle. Family support was very effective in helping GDM women to choose a healthier lifestyle. The need for family support and health workers is able to change and improve the lifestyle of people with GDM and help to reduce the psychological burden. Diabetes counselors were needed to understand the principle of self-management and the need for their health conditions.

Keywords: Barriers, Gestational Diabetes, Needs, Pregnancy, Self-management

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