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Stress is a problem which often experienced by elderly. Stress in the elderly occurs because of the changes in daily activities, family meetings, partner deaths, family member deaths, and changes in work. Stress causes physiological, psychological and behavioral effects both in the short and long term. The prevalence of stress in nursing homes is 56.5% of severe stress. One of the nonpharmacological techniques used to treat stress is murottal therapy. The aim of this study was determine the effect of murottal therapy on stress includes physical, psychological and behavior in the elderly at BPSTW Yogyakarta Budi Luhur Unit Kasongan Bantul. This research is a quasi-experiment using pre-and posttest without control research design. The research samples is elderly at BPSTW Budi Luhur obtained by 29 respondents and data were analyzed using Wilcoxon test. The questionnaire uses Stress DASS 42. Murottal therapy affects overall stress. Of the 3 aspects of stress, only physical and behavioral aspects can be influenced by murottal therapy, whereas for the psychological aspects it does not have an effect. Murottal therapy has been shown to influence physical and behavioral aspects of elderly stress.

Keywords : Physical, Behavior, Stress, Murottal, Elderly

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