Puji Lestari, Mufdlilah, Dwi Ernawati


The Maternal Mortality Rate has decreased, but is still far from the MDGs target in 2015 although the number of deliveries assisted by health workers has increased. The main causes of maternal death are bleeding, hypertension in pregnancy and post partum. These causes can be reduced if the quality of Antenatal Care is conducted well. The purpose of this study is to conduct a review of the description of the husband's role when assisting delivery. This study was conducted by employing systematic literature review of 6 articles taken from the PubMed database. Inclusion criteria (articles 2009-2018, Full text, qualitative study design). Critical Appraisal was done with Joanna Brigs. A study of a systematic literature review of 6 journals found that there was a significant effect of implementing husband’s assistance in delivery process. It is very important for a successful delivery. The involvement of husband in mother health during labor is important. Husband has a crucial role in the laboring process to accompany mothers. Husbands are not only helping to fulfill the wife's needs during the maternity process, but also making mothers feeling more comfortable.

Keywords: husband, role, assistance, labor

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