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Krokot (Portulaca oleracea, L.) is a plant that can be used as traditional medicine for smoothing breast milk circulation in order to prevent pain and swollen. Breast swelling occurs because breast milk is not breastfeeded sufficiently, until the breast milk residual is collected on ductal system which causes swelling occurance. In pain management on breast swelling, it will be more effective if combining two or more existed non pharmacology methods. One of the combination is giving krokot leaves and breast care. Both of these methods are effective methods in smoothing breast milk circulation by decreasing pain on breast swelling. The study aims to know the effect of giving krokot leaves and breast care towards the smoothness of breast milk production on parturition mother.Method used was Quasy Experimental without control group with Pre-Post test Design approach. The population were 32 parturition mother at BPM Mira as the research subjects, divided into two experimental groups. The research instruments were observation and questionnaires. The analysis used T-Paired test or Dependent (T-test Result obtain tcount value 2,177 and p-value 0,038 which explanis that there is different effect between giving krokot leaves and breast care towards the smoothness of breast milk production. Conclusion is that giving krokot leaves and breast care gives effect towards the smoothness of breast milk production .

Keywords: breast care, breast milk

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