The Antenatal Care Visit On Early Detection Of Labor Complications: A Scoping Review

Desi Rofita, Dwi Ernawati, Mufdlilah


Approximately 303,000 women died and 2.6 million babies were born dead. It mostly occurs in several developing countries that have low and middle income some. This maternal death can be prevented by quality pregnancy checks. The aim of this study was to conduct scoping review to outline the influence of Antenatal Care visits on Early Detection of Labor Complications.Method: The study employed five stages for scoping review including: identifying research questions, identifying relevant literature, selecting literature, mapping data, compiling, summarizing and reporting results. The relevant literature were found from three data bases: Pubmed, Sciendirect, and Proquest selected by used quantitative research methodologies. Results: Total of 13 publications were included according to the inclusion criteria. Thematic analysis used to identify key concepts. The researcher grouped these main concepts into three themes, namely the standard antenatal care visit, the role of health workers in implementing antenatal care service, and the impact of antenatal care visits on labor complications. Conclusion: Pregnant women who conducted antenatal care visits <4 times experienced labor complications, such as preterm birth, Low Birth Weight, anemia and other complications. Providers had an important role in improving the quality of ANC services, especially related to the counseling (IEC).

Keyword: Complications Labor, Antenatal Care, Pregnancy

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