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Depression is the most prevalent impairment of psychosocial function in older person. Approximately 20% of older adults suffer from clinically significant symptomps of depression. Gerontological mental health nurses with a clear understanding of aloneness will be able to provide a more holistic approach in their care of older women. Clear understanding of the concept is critical to be better underpinning understanding and effectively evaluate women’s experiences. The objective was to provide the first known concept analysis of aloneness to older women being treated for depression through the experiences of eighty older women. The concept analysis framework Walker and Avant’s (2011) was used. Electronic bibliographic databases PROQUEST, CINAHL, MedLine,and PsycINFO were searched to find papers written in English and dated 2015-2018. Findings this research were the apparent attributes of aloneness. Women were depressed they viewed aloneness as being vulnerable, fearful, and helpless, and having a loss of control of self and identity confusion, and as the women progressed in their recovery from depression, they viewed aloneness as being self-reliant, hopeful, and resourceful and having self-determination and self-reflection. Conclusion: awareness of aloneness from the perspective of older women, nurses working in gerontological areas, community health settings, and clinics can promote not only quality of care, but also quality of life for those women.

Keywords: aloneness, depression, older women, concept analysis

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